Our Platform

Start trading your favourite assets on our 3 robust platforms. Utilise our advanced charting tools and indicators to perform extensive price analysis as well as manage your trading risks.
Visit our education section to learn how to navigate all our platforms. We have numerous videos that will guide you through all the features of our platforms, from trade execution to trade management and profit-takng.

Trade with us

Trading with FR is simple and straightforward. Follow this steps:

Select an Asset
Select an Asset Just click on the ‘Asset’ tab on our platform. Choose your preferred asset from our extensive tradable asset selection.
Investment Amount
Investment Amount Decide on the amount you wish to invest on any given trade. Obviously, the higher the investment, the higher the potential rewards.
Trade Make your trading decision, whether to go short or go long, on your chosen asset. Our advanced charts, technicalindicators, graphical trading tools, as well as live analysis will help you make an informed decision on probable future price movements.
or short. Determine your entry points.
Manage Your Risk
Manage Your Risk When your trade position is open, you want to protect your positions from market risks. Manage your risks by using our Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Stop Loss orders help you to curb potential losses, while Take Profit orders allow you to lock in your profits.
Exit the Trade
Exit the Trade Stop Loss and Take Profit orders will automatically close your positions when triggered.
On the WebTrader, you can monitor open trades and exit positions by simply clicking on the ‘Close Trade’ button.