Executive Accounts

Client Classification

The Company, prior to engaging in business relationship with its potential clients, Clients shall be categorized as follows, based on the criteria outlined below:

* Withdraw in the first 90 days will cancel your membership. Also Client shall not withdraw his funds in the first 3 months to stay in the given level.
** Clients are involved in investment that exceed the net deposits of 1,000,000 EUR value. Are subject to be offered the exclusivity to join the Royal Club (exclusive privileges apply).

Expected Managed Account

* The above calculated profits are subject to current results of average 79%-87% success rate.
**To minimize the risk due to Stop loss and Margin level (per session)

Potential Forecast Profits

*** All the above without any withdraws for the first 6 months (only cash back)
*** forecast was calculated based on Results of 2019.

FRCN’s Security of Clients’ Funds Segregation of Fund

Client funds are kept in the Company’s fiduciary segregated client bank accounts. These funds are separated from Company operational accounts and solely used for receipt of client funds and payments to clients.


Investment firms are obliged to meet strict financial standards, including capital adequacy requirements, and comply with Anti Money Laundering rules. Company maintains sufficient liquid capital to cover all client deposits, potential fluctuations in the Company’s currency positions and outstanding expenses. A detailed annual audit performed by an independent auditor points out any deficiencies.

Market Review

Every week you will receive our Market Review into your inbox. The Market Review includes market recap, potential trading ideas and when available a financial forecast.

Market liquidity

In setting our prices we take account of the market or markets for the relevant underlying instruments. Market conditions can change significantly in a very short period of time, so that if you wish to close a contract we might not be able to do so under the same terms as when you opened it.

Minimum Balance

In order to be eligible for a plan you need to have a minimum balance in your account.

How do I join a Premium Account?

You will be associated to one of the Premium Accounts according to your Net investment. As you continue to Invest, your account will be upgraded and you will receive more benefits.

How do I know my Account status?

You can see your Account status in the upper right corner next to your name or when entering “my account”.

Can I upgrade my account in the middle of the month?

Yes. Your account will be automatically upgraded when you reach the minimum required deposit.
Bonus Funds .

Pending Bonus

Unless mentioned otherwise in the terms of the offer, the bonus will be received as “pending”, and will be added to the client account after executing a trade volume (For explanation how the volume is calculated see Volume Requirement Rules) of 30 times the value of the bonus or as appears in the “bonus” section of the client account. The volume must be reached during a period of 90 days after the bonus is granted or as specifically appears in the “bonus” section of the client account. The client is eligible to withdraw the free balance in his account at any point in time, subject to the general Terms and Conditions, without changing the pending bonus.

Bank Accounts

The Company maintains clients’ funds in bank accounts with reputable international banking institutions.

Personal Trade Expert

The personal trade expert is a senior analyst. The personal trade expert will go over your trades, analyze them and give you feedback and advice on how to maximize your Results. * The Sessions are based on 30 minutes Average each.

Volume Cash Back

In order to receive the volume cash back you need to trade in volumes above your Premium Account requirements (see table). Volume for CashBack will be based on Contract for Difference and other trades. Special terms apply, please read the Bonus & Promotion Terms page.
To be eligible to benefit from this bonus the minimum balance for the cashback per the client’s plan must be reached during the last 7 trading days of the month by ensuring that the balance of the account does not fall below the minimum required. The cashback will be reversed if the client withdraws from the account in the first 30 days after receiving the cash back any amount that would have disqualified the client from receiving the cashback had it been performed before the end of the month. Volume calculations for receiving Cashback will be based on the Volume Calculation Rules and will not include any volume calculated towards other promotions and bonuses. In addition, trading both a BUY option and a SELL option on the same asset and at the same expiration time would be considered as a separate trades.

Trading Bonus

A Trading bonus is a bonus added to the total balance of the client account and is redeemable only once a minimum trading volume of 30 times the value of the bonus has been executed or as appears in the “bonus” section of the client account (also called Trading Volume Requirement. For explanation how the volume is calculated see Volume Requirement Rules. Trading Bonuses are calculated using a symmetrical method, in which the allocation of profits, losses and investment amounts for each position that occurs in accounts with an active trading bonus, is done per the proportional value of the bonuses. For the sake of clarification, please consider the following terms: “Total Balance of the Account” refers to the overall balance of the account with which the client can open trades. “Account Total Bonus Balance” refers to the portion of the balance of the account that is unavailable for withdrawal until the minimum trading volume is achieved. This amount includes the Active Bonuses and their proportional value of trading profits and losses and open positions. For clarification, in case of multiple active bonuses each bonus will be treated separately to reflect accurately the symmetrical method. Withdrawal requests while a bonus is active: In the case of a withdrawal before bonus volume is reached – if there is an open position in which the invested amount includes the bonus, the position will remain open and at expiry, the settlement will exclude the bonus money and related profits/losses in that position.

Note : Trading Bonus funds cannot be used to open trades in Stocks until the trading volume requirement has been achieved.